Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIGWISH?

GIGWISH is a service which empowers active live music fans and enables them to affect on the live music offerings provided by the Gigwish partner event organizers.

For the partner event organizers, GIGWISH provides valuable, reliable and location-specific real-time data about the demand of live music.

Why voting is worth it?

Given wishes in text message based service reflect voters’ attitudes and intentions to attend gigs reliably. Therefore the data collected offers valuable insight for the event organizers to use when planning upcoming events (able to tell what is hot and what is not).


How can I vote?

Votes are sent to GIGWISH via SMS (text) messages.

Here’s how you can vote:

Go to the voting page and choose location where you'd wish to see the artist of your choice to perform at, and type artist name to the provided text field. The service generates corresponding SMS message for you to send to number 173 172. Voting costs 0.95 euros/message.