Privacy Policy

Gigwish respects your right to privacy and therefore doesn't collect any personally identifiable information to its database unless stated otherwise. Using the SMS based GIGWISH service is completely anonymous (only the wish, its location and the time of the wish are saved into our database). However, in order to use the free online version of our Service, you must register an account for which we require you to provide accurate information about your year of birth as well as your email address. This is to verify your authority to use our Service, and to improve user experience and reliability of the demand for artists and bands.

Certain features of the website such as the contact form requires disclosing your name and possibly e-mail if you choose so. The use of these features is, however, completely optional, which means you can visit our site without revealing any personally identifiable information.

Like most websites, our servers do collect information about your visit, but not about you personally. This information may include the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your visit and is solely used for tracking website usage.

We may use cookies or web beacons in order to recognize you as a registered user, improve overall site experience, or tailor and customize the content of our website. This data may be exchanged between the user's computer, our website, and the systems of our infrastructure partners. The linkage between this data and your personally identifiable information is never shared without your permission except when required by law. In case the visitor doesn't want us to receive the aforementioned information, most browsers allow user to turn off cookies. However, one should note that cookies may be required for proper functioning of certain pages and services offered by Gigwish.

This privacy policy applies only to the privacy of users of GIGWISH service and website. By using and GIGWISH service you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If you move from to external websites owned or operated by other entities or individuals, you should check the privacy policies of those external websites accordingly. The terms by which the owners or operators of those external websites manage your personally identifiable information obtained at such third party sites could differ from how Gigwish manages your personally identifiable information.

"Gigwish" refers to Gigwish, a Finland-based corporation. GIGWISH,, and the Gigwish logo are trademarks of Gigwish.